Heading into 2018, this is a time for reflection, evaluation and strategic planning. As each department within your organization prepares for the new year, it’s critical for systems to be put in place to ensure success.

The health and safety of employees is the foundational element for any business. While many companies put in place standard safety programs in order to be compliant, few organizations build and sustain quality Safety Management Systems that are strategic and continually improve the overall working environment. Here are some of the main differences between the two:

Standard Safety Programs

    • Focus on compliance
    • Concentrate on isolated incidents
    • Reactive in nature
    • Execute redundant activities
    • Lack employee involvement and accountability
    • Fail to improve over time


Safety Management Systems

  • Focus on performance
  • Standardize processes
  • Proactive in nature
  • Bring employees together
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Promote accountability
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Continually improve with time

At STC, we are focused on preserving the word’s most precious resource – human life. In order to do that, we understand the importance of building and sustaining Safety Management Systems that produce tangible results over time.

As your company prepares for 2018, please reach out to us by responding to this email to learn more about the implementation of a Safety Management System in your organization.