The Dangers of Fatigue in the Workplace for Employers and Employees from STC

The dangers of heat and falls are well documented and commonplace in the workplace, but did you know that fatigue can also play a major role in the safety of your employees? Fatigue-related incidents are more common than most people think. Here is everything you need to know about the dangers of fatigue in the workplace from the safety experts at STC:

Dangers of Fatigue in the Workplace

There are many factors that can contribute to an employee becoming fatigued, like daylight savings time and being overworked. Studies have shown that more than 43% of workers are sleep-deprived and that safety performance is decreased by tired employees. The employees most at risk of fatigue are those working night shifts, long shifts and/or irregular hours.

Dangers of Fatigue While Driving

The dangers of fatigue in the workplace can become even more serious when an employee is asked to operate a vehicle. Driving while fatigued has been shown to be nearly as dangerous as driving under the influence, with losing two hours of sleep having a similar effect as drinking three beers. Studies show that employees are three times more likely to crash their vehicle while fatigued. More than 5,000 people died from fatigue-related accidents in 2014 alone.

The Cost of Fatigue for Employers

While fatigue has a massive effect on the wellbeing of employees, it can also cost employers a large amount of money per year. Since productivity can be greatly affected by sleep deprivation, job performance decreases as employees become fatigued. It is estimated that fatigued workers’ decrease in productivity can cost employers up to $3,100 per employee annually.

No matter how you choose to care for the safety of your employees, STC is here to help guide you through every step. Our managed safety services are designed to help you increase productivity by making safety simple and creating a safety culture in your workplace. Want to learn more about the dangers of fatigue in the workplace? Check out our blog today!

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