Bringing Awareness to Workers Memorial Day & OSHA's 50th Anniversary

At STC, we believe that the work we do makes a difference in the lives of those we do it for, and this month will serve as a reminder of that fact. This year, April 28th will serve the dual purpose of Workers Memorial Day and OSHA’s 50th anniversary. As we work to honor both events, here is everything you need to know about the two momentous days from the safety experts at STC:


Honoring Lives for Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day serves as a day of remembrance for the lives that have been lost while on the job. Each year, companies around the world continue to lose employees to a variety of fatalities, many of which are preventable with the right training and equipment. Please join us in honoring the lives lost at worksites this Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, by making safety a priority in your workplace and keeping your employees educated in their own safety. 


Celebrating OSHA’s 50th Anniversary

While April 28th will serve as a day for remembrance, it will also serve as a day for celebrating OSHA’s 50th anniversary. When OSHA became law 50 years ago, the workers of the world united in a massive win for the safety of their jobs and themselves. After fifty years of passing laws, they have continued to make positive changes in the safety of many industries. We are honored to work closely with laws that work to continue our mission, preserving human life. 


Our Commitment to Preserving Lives

In 2021, STC is proud to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary and a decade of safety excellence. We have worked with a wide variety of clients in many different industries to help them create safer work environments, protect their employees and build internal safety cultures. We are proud of our work, and we will always continue to make our mission possible. 


No matter how you choose to protect the lives of your employees, STC is always here to make it simple. We have been committed to protecting lives since day one of operation. We offer a variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!