Focusing Our Attention on Transportation Safety in Time for Back to School

As children and teenagers all across the nation start going back to school, it’s important to remember that practicing transportation safety can potentially save their lives. More people are starting to travel on similar schedules, creating traffic and other transportation problems that can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. Here’s everything you need to know about transportation safety in time for back to school from the experts at STC

Why Transportation Safety is So Important 

Even with massively reduced traffic due to the pandemic, there were still 400 vehicle crashes in school zones in the state of Texas in 2020. Those accidents resulted in 11 serious injuries and a large number of minor injuries. In 2019, there were 765 vehicle crashes in school zones in Texas, resulting in one death and 15 serious injuries. This is why transportation safety is so important. 

Our Favorite Driving Safety Tips 

As with any other time of the year, it’s important to always understand your surroundings when operating a motor vehicle. During the school year, there is an increase in traffic before and after school, with a large increase in the number of busses transporting students to and from school. It is crucial for drivers to stay vigilant of their surroundings by understanding how school zones may have deviated from years prior, and always understanding where children may be crossing the streets. 

More Back to School Safety Tips 

No matter the situation, a phone call or text message is never more important than the lives of those around you. Put your phone away, or on do not disturb, when operating a motor vehicle to ensure that you are not tempted to look away from the road for even a second, especially in school zones. Since bus stops or parent pick-up lines are usually located next to main roads, it is crucial to keep an eye out for any children that may dart across the road unexpectedly. 

No matter how you choose to remain vigilant of transportation safety for back to school, STC is always here to help keep you informed. We host a wide variety of safety-based content on our website that is designed to keep people safe on the job, at home and on the road. Want to learn more about transportation safety from the experts at STC? Check out our blog today!

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