What You Need to Know About the Covid Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

At STC, we are committed to providing our clients with everything they need to know about the latest topics in safety. Recently, there has been news circulating about a new OSHA regulation requiring vaccines or weekly covid tests for businesses with more than 100 employees. Here is everything you need to know about preparing your business for the covid vaccine mandate:

What the Covid Vaccine Mandate Means for You

The covid vaccine mandate will only affect businesses that employ 100 or more people. The aim of the mandate is to slow the spread of covid-19 by ensuring that employees are less likely to catch the virus in their workplaces. Essentially, if your business has 100 or more employees, each employee will be required to be fully vaccinated or provide proof of weekly testing.

When Will This Mandate Take Place

Barring a long-lasting injunction, the OSHA regulation states that employers will have to comply with the rule in phases. By December 4, employers will need to develop a compliance plan, offer paid time off for vaccinations and require unvaccinated workers to wear masks. By January 5, all employees must either be fully vaccinated or provide evidence of weekly covid testing.

An Ever-Changing Vaccine Mandate

As the dates for the covid vaccine mandate become closer, there is new information circulating regularly. The future of the covid vaccine mandate is not completely certain at this point, but we are dedicated to providing our clients with the new information as it is released. Keep an eye on our website and our social media pages to ensure you are as updated as possible!

No matter how you choose to prepare your employees for the vaccine mandate, STC is here to help guide you through every step. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine in the workplace? Check out our blog today!

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