Thank You to Everyone That Helped Us Reach Our Fundraising Goals for UpBring

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, and exemplify our first core value of passionately helping others win, STC decided to partner with UpBring, an organization dedicated to children’s well-being. Through your generous donations and support, we were able to surpass our goal and raised $35,250 for UpBring. We want to thank everyone that’s helped us reach our fundraising goals for UpBring.

About Our Partnership with UpBring

In the same way STC works to preserve lives in the workplace through safety consulting and onsite staffing, we chose UpBring as our fundraising effort because they work hard to save children’s lives. We hoped to raise funds specifically for UpBring’s BeReal program, a supervised independent living program that helps youth who have aged out of foster care.

Supporting UpBring’s BeReal Program

UpBring’s BeReal program saves children’s lives and holds a special place in STC’s hearts. The BeReal program serves the community by helping young people in their journey toward independence. With your generous support, UpBring can mentor and educate these kids as well as provide them a great apartment to live in as they grow and gain stability to become future professionals and lead great lives.

Thank You for All of Your Support

The outpouring for support of UpBring has been tremendous. STC wants to thank everyone who donated for their generosity. It’s clear UpBring’s BeReal program will provide a lasting impact on the community and on the young people it helps. This is a cause that is close to our hearts, and we are honored to have the support of our community in helping them thrive.

Helping people in the workplace with health and safety training is what we’re all about at STC. That’s why we partnered with UpBring this year—they help our community’s most vulnerable children improve their lives. We are, again, very grateful to everyone who made a donation to this wonderful cause. If you want to learn more about how STC helps employees stay safe in the workplace through various programs such as managed safety services and safety training and consulting, contact us today or check out our blog.

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