How to Prepare for Another Winter Storm in North Texas

From the power grid to businesses to families, last year’s winter storm in North Texas caught almost everyone off guard. With the possibility of a similar winter storm in North Texas predicted to push through this year, STC wants to help you prepare for the ice and snow, so your business and family will stay warm and safe. Here’s what you need to know about winter storm preparation.

Plan for a Winter Storm in North Texas

Whether at work or home, prepare beforehand if a winter storm is predicted. No matter where you happen to be, if your power goes out, you’ll want to make sure you have flashlights with extra batteries, as well as a safe emergency source of heat such as generators. If you’re using a heat source in your home like a fireplace, make sure it’s safe to use—inspect your chimney, for instance, to ensure it is clear of debris and not damaged. A battery-powered NOAA weather radio or regular A.M/F.M. radio is useful for information, and make sure you have plenty of water and dry foods on hand like nuts, cereals, or power bars.

Stay Safe While Driving

Because ice and snow in Texas tend to be rare, drivers aren’t as well prepared for slick roadways as those in states that regularly experience winter storms. If you’re driving to or from your workplace, before you head out, you want to check your battery and tire pressure and make sure your tire treads are at least 2/32 of an inch thick. When on the road avoid spinning out on black ice by driving slower than usual.

Dress Appropriately

When preparing for a winter storm, bundling up is essential. For those working outside, wearing thermal clothing and thick jackets will keep the freezing temps away. You also want to dress in layers so you can adjust to varying temperatures whether inside or outside.

When it comes to preparing for a winter storm in North Texas, STC is always ready to help. If you need help at your business preparing for a winter storm, we offer a wide range of managed safety services to get you through the cold. Contact us to learn more about our safety training and compliance service or check out our blog.   

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1303330095