Celebrating National Ladder Safety Month with Fall Protection Training

From construction to retail, ladders are used in almost every industry. When not used safely, your employees are at risk of injury from falls. To prepare for National Ladder Safety Month, learn to protect your employees with fall protection training. Here, STC shows how you can benefit from such training:

Benefits of Fall Protection Training

As with any safety training, when you offer fall protection training in your workplace, you’re protecting your most valuable asset—your employees. No matter whether you’re just getting supplies out of the closet using a stepladder or climbing the heights to make a repair or adjustment, you need to know how to prevent falls. Falls can lead to serious injuries or even death, and that leads to significant disruptions on the job. Injuries affect employees’ physical and mental health as well as cost you time and money.

Some Areas of Fall Safety Training

The sponsors of National Ladder Safety Month recommend focusing on these aspects of ladder and fall safety:

  • Making the right choice for the job
  • Inspecting the ladder for problems before using
  • Climbing the ladder safely
  • Using the ladder safely when at the top

Clear Out Hazards to Prevent Falls

Ladders aren’t the only things that can cause falls, according to OSHA. Under the OSHA Fall Protection Training guidelines, employers should lookout for a variety of potential hazards such as holes in the floor that can cause a fall. Employers can take proactive approaches to safety by installing guard rails and toe-boards in hazardous areas.

Of course, while making equipment and hazardous areas safe is essential, safety training is the key to preventing falls and injuries. Safety Training & Consulting offers an extensive range of onsite instructor-led training courses including fall protection to help you keep your employees safe and healthy. Instructor-led courses are just a few offerings among our managed safety services. Workplace safety is our business. Contact us today to find out all that we offer or check out our blog.

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1207998393