At STC, we believe in keeping employees safe in every situation. July is Ultraviolet Safety Month, so we will focus on highlighting the importance of UV and heat protection, especially in the harsh summer temperatures we have been experiencing the last few months. Here’s everything you need to know about protecting yourself from UV Rays during Ultraviolet Safety Month!

The Importance of UV Protection 

As the summer heat continues to rise, the importance of UV protection cannot be overstated. To celebrate Ultraviolet Safety Month, we are working to create awareness about the importance of protecting our eyes and skin from the side effects of UV rays. Follow these crucial steps to protect yourself and others on your crew from UV light exposure:

  • Wear at least 15 SPF sunscreen or higher during the day
  • Cover exposed skin with sleeves, pants, hats and sunglasses
  • Try staying in the shade when the sun is the most intense

The Effects of Prolonged Exposure

Whether the UV light is coming from a natural source or an artificial source, the effects are the same. Prolonged exposure to UV light can lead to multiple forms of cancer, premature aging of the skin and a weakened immune system. It can also affect vision, cause sunburns and cause cataracts to form. It’s crucial to keep yourself, your family and your crew safe from UV rays. 

Heat Continues to Be An Issue

While we continue to work through record-breaking heat, it’s important to remember that the hottest month of the year is yet to come. August is known to be particularly hot with some of the hottest days ever recorded in the United States. Keep your crew safe by making an even bigger effort to protect them from UV light, heat illness and even death. We are working through this heat together and our biggest goal is to ensure the safety of everyone on our team and yours. 

No matter how you choose to protect yourself from UV rays, STC is always here to help you make safety simple. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, instructor-led training and safety consulting services that will help build a safety culture around your business. Want to learn more about protecting workers from extreme heat with STC? Check out our blog!

Photo Sourced from STC