Celebrating Saul Piña, a Prime Example of STC Safety Excellence

At STC, we believe in celebrating those that take safety as seriously as possible. One of our employees working for our Georgia branch, Saul Piña, is a prime example of the kind of safety excellence that we strive to achieve with every job. Here’s everything you need to know about celebrating Saul and all that he does to keep our clients, employees and himself safe on the job:

About Saul Piña & STC

Saul brings a diverse skill set derived from his rapid exposure to our growing portfolio of high-profile clients and the strategic alliances we have formed with them. Saul is an energetic and passionate Spanish-speaking safety professional that always works to achieve more. He is not only an Authorized OSHA instructor, but also an official CERTA Roof Torch instructor.

Saul has been with STC for over a year now, with half of his time spent under the title of Field Manager, and the other half as Relationship Manager. The responsibilities of an employee at STC are often hard to define one by one, but easily quantified by the following: Everything we do must center around preserving the world’s most precious resource – human life.

A Day in the Life of STC Safety

Our responsibilities take many shapes and forms. This could be a site job site visit at 2:30 A.M. to make sure a concrete pour is running safely or training on different equipment such as forklift, boom lift, spyder lift or a torching apparatus. This could be asking an employee to stop work immediately because his life is in danger, and it could also be quickly putting your hand on their back and showing them there is a better way. The responsibilities at STC are many, but they all lead to one goal. Protecting the lives of employees in various industries, no matter what.

“Just like I do, I know there are many workers that leave their house knowing that there are people there who are expecting them to make it back every day. There are children, spouses, families, or partners that are awaiting the return of that employee. Workplace safety transcends beyond the income that the worker brings home. Workplace safety does not equal money or revenue. Workplace safety equals smiles, hugs, fun weekends, trips, vacations, graduations and a myriad of other things. Approximately 4,500 people were involved in an occupational fatality, without workplace safety that number increases exponentially! Meanwhile, all that was listed before, decreases.” – Saul Piña

No matter how you choose to celebrate Sauls’s achievement and dedication to safety, STC is always here to help you make safety simple with an entire workforce committed to keeping people safe. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, instructor-led training and safety consulting services that will help build a safety culture around your business. Want to learn more about everything that our employees do to keep you safe? Check out our blog!

Photo Sourced from STC