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STC is a safety solution provider. Our clients receive professional support with an innovative and customized approach that stays on top of initiatives, responsibilities, and most importantly, the employees’ health and safety for their best quality of life.


You benefit from STC’s deployment of industry best practices, efficiencies and proven processes. We establish leading indicators in an interactive cloud-based system that targets behaviors and trends -- and ultimately reduces compliance issues and injuries.


We leverage powerful technology tools so you can make informed business decisions based on your company’s needs. Our team is committed to real time reporting for a fast response to unsafe situations.


To Preserve the World’s Most Precious Resource – Human Life.


To Create a Workplace without Workplace Incidents.


Authenticity – Being genuine and your best self
Honesty – In all things and to all people
Integrity – Do what we say and say what we mean
Humility – Checking arrogance at the door
Passion – Waking up every day with the drive to help others
Effectiveness – Services and quality that can be measured
Teamwork – Collaborating to deliver superior results

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