In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we partnered with Upbring, a Texas-wide child-well being organization. We believe that there is no better way to celebrate our decade of workplace safety than to exemplify our first core value, passionately help others win, by developing a community partnership with Upbring. 

With North Texas Giving Day upon us, STC and Upbring want to highlight our partnership as the community gets into the spirit of giving. At STC we work to preserve human life in the workplace, while Upbring works hard to save children’s lives. Creating this meaningful partnership allows both STC and Upbring to elevate our communities. 

How Upbring Helps

Upbring works to heal communities by shifting perspectives and re-imagining systems. Their work increases child wellness, vitality and safety. STC’s partnership with Upbring seeks to highlight the community and cultural shifts needed to improve the well-being of children across the state. Upbring offers services including foster care, adoption, children’s centers and education. 

Upbring also started a Supervised Independent Living program, BeREAL, designed to help young adults on their journey to independence through education, planning and mentorship. 

How You Can Help

Because of generosity from supporters like you, Upbring is able to provide apartments that are move-in ready for future professionals who are seeking stability and support in their BeREAL program. 

In the spirit of North Texas Giving Day this week, STC hopes to continue highlighting our community partnership with Upbring and the transformational work they do. Learn more about Upbring and help us create change in our community today by making a donation at

More about STC

No matter how, or when, you choose to celebrate safety successes in the workplace, STC is here to help make safety the top priority in your organization. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!


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Earlier this month, we at STC had the opportunity to visit the #1 event for exhibitions and education for the roofing and exterior construction industries! We are so grateful for the opportunity to have taken our message of safety in the workplace to the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada! Here is everything you need to know about our time at the IRE:

A Fantastic Networking Opportunity

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit with us and talk about safety in the workplace at the International Roofing Expo! Our entire team is grateful to have met everyone we spoke to at the event, and we are looking forward to potentially working with you in the future. We pride ourselves on taking safety to the next level for each of our clients in various industries. 

The International Roofing Expo

We had the pleasure of visiting with hundreds of other exhibitors at the International Roofing Expo to learn more about the latest trends in the industry. Our entire team has come back with a renewed enthusiasm for roofing and a ton of invaluable information on what’s going on in the industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to share that knowledge with our customers.

We Are Your Partner in Safety 

We work hard to deliver a partnership that builds culture in the workplace, while also increasing efficiency across safety procedures. Our team is always here for you if you need help increasing safety in your workplace, complying with OSHA or training staff on safety. We offer a variety of services that can help you prevent any accidents or injuries at the worksite. Explore our services on our website and let us know how we can work with you to improve your workplace safety. 

No matter how you choose to prepare your employees for roofing safety, STC is here to help guide you through every step. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with the experts at STC? Check out our blog today!


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At STC, we believe that safety is the most important aspect of every job. Last week, we had the opportunity to celebrate safety in the workplace during one of our favorite weeks of the year, Safe + Sound Week! This is such an important week because we get to celebrate the importance of safety in the workplace. Here is everything you need to know about Safe + Sound Week and how we celebrated at STC:

What is Safe + Sound Week

Safe + Sound Week is an event celebrated nationwide over the course of a week in August. This is an event for recognizing the successes of workplace health and safety programs. During this week, companies around the country get their employees together to celebrate their success and provide information and ideas about keeping their workplace safe. 

Why Every Organization Should Participate

By participating in Safe + Sound Week, you are making an effort to recognize the importance of safety in the workplace for your organization. By implementing health and safety programs, and celebrating their success, your organization will be actively preventing injuries and fatalities in the workplace. No job is too safe to skip over safety measures, so it is crucial that each employee understands that each of their actions can make your workplace safer. 

How STC Celebrated Safe + Sound Week

Each of our employees makes a lifelong commitment to safety, and Safe + Sound Week is when we get to look back on our successes. We consider each day that an employee goes home to their family a success, because the safety procedures at their work helped make it happen. Every day, employees all over the world suffer through injuries and fatalities at work that could have been prevented. We make it our mission to ensure that safety is the number one priority. 

No matter how, or when, you choose to celebrate safety successes in the workplace, STC is here to help make safety the top priority in your organization. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!

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At STC, we believe that safety should be celebrated in every situation because workplace safety saves the lives of workers every single day. That’s why we are highlighting the importance of roofing safety in honor of National Roofing Week. Here is the Safety Training & Compliance guide to roofing safety in honor of National Roofing Week, June 6th through 12th:


What is National Roofing Week?

Every year, National Roofing Week serves as a holiday to bring awareness to the importance of roofs for homes and businesses alike. Safety plays an essential role in roofing, as there are many risks involved with working at such great heights. We participate in National Roofing week to help increase awareness of the importance of safety when it comes to roofing jobs. 


Your Guide to Roofing Safety

When it comes to roofing safety, there are many things that you need to know in order to stay safe on the job. For starters, it is important to signify or close off areas where workers may be prone to falling. Each roof needs to have a raised warning line 15 feet from its edge, and barriers blocking off each skylight or roof hatch. In many cases, safety nets may need to be installed because accidents happen and workers may lose footing, falling off of the roof. 


The Importance of Safety Training

As with any job involving risks, safety training will play a crucial role in the safety of your entire crew. We encourage regular training sessions where workers can learn the guidelines to stay safe while roofing and build a safety culture where each worker can encourage each other to follow proper safety procedures. The importance of safety training before roofing begins cannot be overstated. Regular, accurate training sessions can very well save lives in the future. 


No matter how you choose to stay safe during roofing jobs, STC is here to help you make roofing safety simple. We are dedicated to providing Managed Safety Services, Safety Consulting Services and Instructor-Led Training to keep all of your employees safe on the job. Want to learn more about the importance of creating a strong safety culture? Check out our blog today!


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As a major proponent of safety in the construction industry, our favorite time of the year is finally here. The Dallas Build Expo is coming to town on October 28 & 29 at Dallas Market Hall, and we plan on making the most of it with everything you need to know about safety. Here are some of the things you can expect from Safety Training & Compliance, STC, at the Dallas Build Expo in 2020:

What to Know About the Dallas Build Expo

Build Expo is the largest regional building and construction show in the nation and rated as the #1 trade show for general contractors. With over 150 exhibitors, 30 complimentary classes and 5000 pre-registered attendees, there are tons of learning opportunities for advancing your workplace. There are even thousands of new products and services that you can demo for free!

How STC is Preparing for the Build Expo

STC is dedicated to preserving human life by providing all of the information our clients need to know about OSHA compliance and workplace safety. We are gearing up for the Dallas Build Expo with the same mindset. We provide simple solutions to complex safety problems, from safety training to managed safety services, we are happy to help your business stay protected.

Come See Us to Learn More About STC

During the Dallas Build Expo, you can get all of your workplace safety questions answered by STC at booth 519. Our team will be more than happy to connect with you on all of your safety needs and more. You can learn more about our managed safety services, safety consulting or safety training to keep your business prepared for any situation that comes your way.

No matter how you plan to celebrate the Dallas Build Expo and learn about all of the latest innovations in the construction industry, STC is here to make every situation safer. Our team is dedicated to preserving human life and helping businesses of all kinds meet OSHA standards. Ready to register as an attendee for the Dallas Build Expo 2020? Register here today!

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STC Safety Award

For the past four months, STC has partnered with Harmon, Inc. at the American Airlines campus construction site in Fort Worth, TX. Recently, Harmon was recognized by the site’s GC, Austin Commercial, as the first top safety subcontractor of the month for January 2018.

STC Safety Award

Working alongside our outstanding client, STC’s Alex Navarro has been instrumental in elevating the site’s safety knowledge and awareness for all personnel working on this high-profile project. Harmon’s award is a testament to their employees’ buy-in and acceptance of STC’s consistent safety oversight and focused services.

Through STC’s approach, Harmon has constantly identified hazards, assessed risks, and taken action in order to prevent safety incidents.

This type of safety culture has given way to a more productive and efficient work site for Austin Commercial, Harmon, and all other subcontractors involved with the project.

At STC, we are focused on preserving the word’s most precious resource – human life.

In order to do that, we understand the importance of building and sustaining effective safety cultures that produce tangible results over time.

If your company is in need of safety assistance on similar job sites, please reach out to us by responding to this email to learn more about our approach to safety and how we can help your organization.