Earlier this month, we at STC had the opportunity to visit the #1 event for exhibitions and education for the roofing and exterior construction industries! We are so grateful for the opportunity to have taken our message of safety in the workplace to the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada! Here is everything you need to know about our time at the IRE:

A Fantastic Networking Opportunity

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit with us and talk about safety in the workplace at the International Roofing Expo! Our entire team is grateful to have met everyone we spoke to at the event, and we are looking forward to potentially working with you in the future. We pride ourselves on taking safety to the next level for each of our clients in various industries. 

The International Roofing Expo

We had the pleasure of visiting with hundreds of other exhibitors at the International Roofing Expo to learn more about the latest trends in the industry. Our entire team has come back with a renewed enthusiasm for roofing and a ton of invaluable information on what’s going on in the industry. We are grateful for the opportunity to share that knowledge with our customers.

We Are Your Partner in Safety 

We work hard to deliver a partnership that builds culture in the workplace, while also increasing efficiency across safety procedures. Our team is always here for you if you need help increasing safety in your workplace, complying with OSHA or training staff on safety. We offer a variety of services that can help you prevent any accidents or injuries at the worksite. Explore our services on our website and let us know how we can work with you to improve your workplace safety. 

No matter how you choose to prepare your employees for roofing safety, STC is here to help guide you through every step. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with the experts at STC? Check out our blog today!


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At STC, we believe that safety is the most important aspect of every job. Last week, we had the opportunity to celebrate safety in the workplace during one of our favorite weeks of the year, Safe + Sound Week! This is such an important week because we get to celebrate the importance of safety in the workplace. Here is everything you need to know about Safe + Sound Week and how we celebrated at STC:

What is Safe + Sound Week

Safe + Sound Week is an event celebrated nationwide over the course of a week in August. This is an event for recognizing the successes of workplace health and safety programs. During this week, companies around the country get their employees together to celebrate their success and provide information and ideas about keeping their workplace safe. 

Why Every Organization Should Participate

By participating in Safe + Sound Week, you are making an effort to recognize the importance of safety in the workplace for your organization. By implementing health and safety programs, and celebrating their success, your organization will be actively preventing injuries and fatalities in the workplace. No job is too safe to skip over safety measures, so it is crucial that each employee understands that each of their actions can make your workplace safer. 

How STC Celebrated Safe + Sound Week

Each of our employees makes a lifelong commitment to safety, and Safe + Sound Week is when we get to look back on our successes. We consider each day that an employee goes home to their family a success, because the safety procedures at their work helped make it happen. Every day, employees all over the world suffer through injuries and fatalities at work that could have been prevented. We make it our mission to ensure that safety is the number one priority. 

No matter how, or when, you choose to celebrate safety successes in the workplace, STC is here to help make safety the top priority in your organization. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!

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At STC, we encourage each of our employees to go above and beyond to take safety seriously in every aspect of their work. This month, we have two employees that have received external or internal awards to validate that they are performing to the best of their abilities. We are so proud of how far they have come in their dedication to safety excellence. Here is everything you need to know about one of our employee’s being honored with the Rising Stars of Safety Award

The Rising Star of Safety Award 

Each year, the National Safety Council honors a group of future leaders younger than age 40 dedicated to making workplaces safer with the Rising Stars of Safety award. This year, we are proud to announce that STC’s own Alan Hurtado has been honored with the award for his dedication to safety excellence. We are so proud of the work Alan has done to provide safety leadership in our organization, and his dedication to continuous improvement in safety. 

Making a Difference in Safety 

Alan is one of 37 recognized safety professionals by the National Safety Council in 2021. The NSC Rising Stars program showcases up-and-coming leaders who are making a difference in the field of safety. His enthusiasm, skill and leadership will inspire future safety leaders and colleagues, helping people live their best lives free of preventable death and injury. 

Most Improved Player Award 

Internally at STC, Ryan Brence received Most Improved Player for the 1st Half of 2021. Ryan has shown an unwavering dedication to safety in every aspect of his career and it is an honor to have him on our team. We could not be prouder of how far he has come and how far he has shown that he is willing to go to make safety a priority for every client. 

Our team has made a massive difference in our organization, and through our services, we believe they could do the same for you. STC is always here to help keep your workplace safe. Our managed safety services, onsite cna services and safety consulting services are designed to make safety simple. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today! 


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Summer in the south means that temperatures are going to average 90º-100º on any given day, creating potentially dangerous situations for those that work outside. At STC, we are dedicated to providing all of the heat safety tips you will need to keep yourself and others safe this summer. Here’s everything you need to know about heat safety from the experts at STC: 

Hydration is Key to Summer Safety 

As you work in the summer heat, you are going to need to hydrate yourself frequently to make up for all of the fluids you are losing in the form of sweat. If you become dehydrated on the job, you can become fatigued, dizzy and prone to falling, creating dangerous situations. Ensure that everyone on your crew is drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep them safe. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder 

One of the best heat safety tips to keep your crew protected from heat stress is creating a strategy for when you will work on the most intensive parts of your job. Generally, it is best to ensure that you work up to the hardest parts of your job throughout the day, completing the easiest tasks during the coolest parts of the day. It is also crucial to ensure that everyone on the crew takes breaks more frequently in the summer, preferably in the shade or air conditioning. 

Provide Heat Safety Tips in Your Training 

As you walk your team through their regular training, it is important to ensure that they are educated on the most essential heat safety tips. Teach them how to spot signs of heat stress for themselves and others so that they are able to prevent dangerous situations before they happen. Every team member needs to understand how to prevent heat stress by staying hydrated, wearing light clothing, eating healthy on the job and taking frequent breaks. 

No matter how you choose to teach your employees heat safety tips, STC is always here to help you make it simple. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, instructor-led training and safety consulting services that will help build a safety culture around your business. Want to learn more heat safety tips from the experts at STC? Check out our blog today! 

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A frequent client concern of ours is usually something along the following lines: “I want to use a safety software solution or use an “add on” safety application within my project management tool, what’s right for my company culture and where do I start…?”  Here is everything you need to know about finding the right safety management software from the experts at STC:

Using Technology to Promote Safety in the Workplace

Technology is in fact improving safety in the workplace and we strongly advocate for its use. However, if every software company claims to have the best solution ever made and guarantees results (with a binding contract) …. where do you start?

When it comes to safety technology or any technology at that, it is not one size fits all. The “buffet” or “all-you-can-eat” approach to technology can be a disaster and leave you unsatisfied. Many companies commit to these great and robust solutions, yet rarely get back the anticipated return on investment, only use a fraction of its capability, and end up shelving the solution long before they are out of their contract terms.

Finding Safety Management Software That Fits Your Needs

The key to a successful implementation and ROI is knowing what your team is trying to accomplish before you enter a contract with a software company. Second, knowing how to create a “request for proposal” (RFP) highlighting your needs and selecting the software company that is best aligned with your goals, budget and cultural behaviors. Do not get oversold on features and shiny objects your team will not use. Safety isn’t complex, so don’t make it that way. Our best-performing clients have the simplest processes. What they get right is consistency and participation, which trumps the infrequent use of features all day.

If you need an unbiased evaluation or support with finding the right safety management software fit for your company, give us a call today!

We don’t sell software; we help you realize measurable outcomes.



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At STC, we believe that the work we do makes a difference in the lives of those we do it for, and this month will serve as a reminder of that fact. This year, April 28th will serve the dual purpose of Workers Memorial Day and OSHA’s 50th anniversary. As we work to honor both events, here is everything you need to know about the two momentous days from the safety experts at STC:


Honoring Lives for Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day serves as a day of remembrance for the lives that have been lost while on the job. Each year, companies around the world continue to lose employees to a variety of fatalities, many of which are preventable with the right training and equipment. Please join us in honoring the lives lost at worksites this Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, by making safety a priority in your workplace and keeping your employees educated in their own safety. 


Celebrating OSHA’s 50th Anniversary

While April 28th will serve as a day for remembrance, it will also serve as a day for celebrating OSHA’s 50th anniversary. When OSHA became law 50 years ago, the workers of the world united in a massive win for the safety of their jobs and themselves. After fifty years of passing laws, they have continued to make positive changes in the safety of many industries. We are honored to work closely with laws that work to continue our mission, preserving human life. 


Our Commitment to Preserving Lives

In 2021, STC is proud to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary and a decade of safety excellence. We have worked with a wide variety of clients in many different industries to help them create safer work environments, protect their employees and build internal safety cultures. We are proud of our work, and we will always continue to make our mission possible. 


No matter how you choose to protect the lives of your employees, STC is always here to make it simple. We have been committed to protecting lives since day one of operation. We offer a variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!

At STC, we believe that the right education and training can help preserve human life in the workplace. Warmer weather is finally here but with the new season comes a new set of safety guidelines employees should follow for their own protection. Here are all of the construction safety tips you need to prepare your employees for warmer weather and summer safety:

Stay Prepared for Summer Safety

Summer is one of the best seasons for construction, but one of the hardest seasons for construction workers. Staying prepared for summer weather can protect your employees from severe injuries, illnesses and even death. Help your employees protect themselves from extreme heat by ensuring they are staying hydrated and wearing light, breathable clothing.

Choose Work Assignments Carefully

As a responsible employer of construction workers, there are quite a few things you can do to help prevent serious heat exhaustion in your employees. One of the best ways to ensure employees are protected is assigning the hardest work for the coolest parts of the day. This way, workers will be able to cool down after heavy work while it is still cold enough for them to do so.

When it is too hot outside, you should take the time to ensure that employees are taking regular breaks to rehydrate and cool down their bodies. If employees are not guaranteed regular breaks during peak heat hours in the summer, they could potentially overheat their bodies. Illnesses like heat exhaustion and heat stroke can lead to serious injuries, illnesses and even cause fatalities.

Teach Employees Construction Safety Tips

All of your employees should be trained regularly with seasonal weather safety tips. Whether it’s rain, snow, heat or cold, employees should understand how to protect themselves against the elements in which they will be working. We recommend a quarterly instructor-led training session from professionals to help employees keep themselves and others safe on the job. 

No matter how you choose to teach your employees construction safety tips, STC is always here to help you make it simple. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, instructor-led training and safety consulting services that will help build a safety culture around your business. Want to learn more construction safety tips? Check out our blog today!

At STC, we are committed to preserving human life by keeping people educated on all of the safety precautions they need to protect themselves. Since it is National Ladder Safety Month, there is no better time to share some information on fall protection training from our safety experts. Here is everything you need to know about fall protection training from STC:

Fall Protection and Ladder Safety are Essential

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of death at worksites? The truth is that these kinds of fatalities and injuries are highly preventable when all of your employees are well trained in fall protection. In 2010 alone, there were 226 fatalities caused by falls in the construction industry. These deaths account for more than one-third of the fatalities for the entire year. That’s why it is so crucial to educate your employees on the importance of fall protection and prevention.

Fall Protection Starts with the Right Equipment

As with any job, keeping yourself safe on ladders will require you to plan ahead. When in the planning phase of your project, it is crucial to determine what parts of the job will require workers to stand on ladders or scaffolding. When you know how far your employees will need to climb, you can ensure that you have the appropriate ladders for them to stay safe on the job.

Provide Fall Protection Training to All Employees

Whether your employees are life-long veterans of the industry or just starting out, they will all need to have completed fall protection training before climbing the ladder. You never know when things will start to go wrong on the job site, so you should prepare every employee to handle those situations professionally. When they have the right information and equipment, there is a much higher chance that they will come out of those situations unharmed.

No matter how you choose to keep your employees safe, STC is here to help you make safety simple. We are dedicated to providing Managed Safety Services, Safety Consulting Services and Instructor-Led Training to keep all of your employees safe on the job. Want to learn more about the importance of creating a strong safety culture? Check out our blog today!

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At STC, we believe that creating a strong safety culture is a crucial factor for the success of every business. When your safety precautions are backed by a culture of knowledge, you are able to increase efficiency and decrease accidents in the future. There is no better time to form your own safety culture than right now. Here are the top five elements for creating a stronger safety culture from STC:

1. Continually Updating Safety Precautions

As we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, safety precautions are something that can change quite frequently. While we learn more about specific safety topics, we will also continue to learn more about creating better precautions for safeguarding against them. That is why it is crucial to continually update your businesses safety precautions based on recommendations from OSHA, WHO, CDC and your safety partners at STC.

2. Internal Safety Training for All Employees

Since safety precautions are bound to change over time, so too will the necessary trainings that employees receive while on the job. These trainings can range from things like COVID-19 safety, new equipment safety and even common safety practices that should be re-taught regularly. There’s never a bad time to teach safety at the job site.

3. External Training from Your Partner in Safety

One of our primary goals when working with clients is to create a safety culture for their business. We teach employees and employers the importance of practicing proper safety precautions, while also helping you change the way your employees think and talk about safety. STC is dedicated to preserving human life by teaching that safety comes before all else on the job.

4. Bringing Employees Together to Form a Safety Culture

Creating a safety culture for your business starts from the ground up. While it is important for management to adhere to and teach proper safety precautions, the real change starts happening when employees are all equally motivated to practice safety. In every safety-positive work environment, the employees are as adamant about safety precautions as management.

5. Holding Each Other Accountable to Safety Standards

If every employee, from management to the lowest level workers, are equally as dedicated to safety, your company will see some major benefits. Accidents and incidents will lower due to each employee holding themselves and others accountable to practicing proper safety. Every job is different, so each employee must be accountable for learning and practicing safety.

No matter how you choose to improve the safety culture of your business, STC is here to help you make it simple. Our instructor-led trainings, managed safety services and safety consulting services are all aimed towards helping you build a strong culture around safety in your workplace. Want to learn more about building a better safety culture? Check out our blog today!

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As things slowly start to look up in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will still be a long time before things can return to normal. There are quite a few safety precautions that will stay in play long after the pandemic has ended, and many that are not going away any time soon. Here is everything you need to know about returning to work after the COVID-19 pandemic from STC:

Safety Should Always Be Priority

Whether you have received the coronavirus vaccine or not, COVID-19 safety should always play a major role in how you operate at work. Many others still have not received their vaccines, and even when they do, they can still contract and spread the virus. While health implications are far less severe, many companies, including OSHA, will still require mask-wearing in the future.

Keeping Up With Safety Guidelines

While many companies have continually updated their safety guidelines throughout the pandemic, these guidelines will continue to change in the near future. Experts are still unsure of how the virus will continue to mutate and spread through the general population. The risk of contracting and spreading the virus will continue to pose a risk. We recommend keeping up with the latest information from the WHO, OSHA and CDC to update your guidelines accordingly.

Continuing COVID-19 Safety Precautions

As businesses reopen and many people are returning to work, it is still important to maintain COVID-19 safety precautions. Even if every employee has received their vaccine, there will be a risk of spreading the virus to someone who has not. This virus is not going away when the majority of the population has been vaccinated, and it will continue to affect our everyday lives. Things such as COVID monitors, sanitation and handwashing will still be necessary.

No matter how you choose to protect yourself, your business and your employees from the coronavirus, STC is always here to help you make it simple. We offer a wide range of managed safety services such as onsite CNA staffing, safety-consulting services and instructor-led training. Want to learn more about dealing with COVID-19 at work? Check out our blog today!

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