At STC, we are dedicated to providing up-to-date information on the latest happenings in safety. This week, we are celebrating two national safety weeks, both National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-By Incidents Week and National Work Zone Awareness Week. Here is everything you need to know about bringing awareness to your workplace from these two safety holidays:

National Work Zone Awareness Week

From April 11-15, we will be spreading awareness of work zone incidents in honor of the 2022 National Work Zone Awareness Week. This year, the event will be hosted by the Virginia Department of Transportation with the theme “Work Zones Are a Sign to Slow Down.” Between 2019 and 2020 alone, fatal crashes in work zones increased by an astounding 1.4 percent.

National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-By Incidents

Coinciding with National Work Zone Awareness Week, this year we will also be celebrating the third annual National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-By Incidents week. This year, they are expanding their holiday from a one-day event to a full week of safety awareness. The event is aimed at raising awareness of struck-by hazards and the varying ways to prevent them.

An Increase in Training is an Increase in Safety

There’s never a bad time to ensure that your crew has all of the training they need to stay safe on the job site. Whether it’s a high-speed work zone or a high-rise building project, there are always safety procedures that need to be followed to ensure your team makes it home safely. Helping crews stay safe is our passion and STC is always here to provide instructor-led training.

No matter how you choose to protect workers during these two safety holidays, STC is always here to help your entire organization stay safe at every step. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!

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From construction to retail, ladders are used in almost every industry. When not used safely, your employees are at risk of injury from falls. To prepare for National Ladder Safety Month, learn to protect your employees with fall protection training. Here, STC shows how you can benefit from such training:

Benefits of Fall Protection Training

As with any safety training, when you offer fall protection training in your workplace, you’re protecting your most valuable asset—your employees. No matter whether you’re just getting supplies out of the closet using a stepladder or climbing the heights to make a repair or adjustment, you need to know how to prevent falls. Falls can lead to serious injuries or even death, and that leads to significant disruptions on the job. Injuries affect employees’ physical and mental health as well as cost you time and money.

Some Areas of Fall Safety Training

The sponsors of National Ladder Safety Month recommend focusing on these aspects of ladder and fall safety:

  • Making the right choice for the job
  • Inspecting the ladder for problems before using
  • Climbing the ladder safely
  • Using the ladder safely when at the top

Clear Out Hazards to Prevent Falls

Ladders aren’t the only things that can cause falls, according to OSHA. Under the OSHA Fall Protection Training guidelines, employers should lookout for a variety of potential hazards such as holes in the floor that can cause a fall. Employers can take proactive approaches to safety by installing guard rails and toe-boards in hazardous areas.

Of course, while making equipment and hazardous areas safe is essential, safety training is the key to preventing falls and injuries. Safety Training & Consulting offers an extensive range of onsite instructor-led training courses including fall protection to help you keep your employees safe and healthy. Instructor-led courses are just a few offerings among our managed safety services. Workplace safety is our business. Contact us today to find out all that we offer or check out our blog.

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No matter what kind of industry you’re in, establishing a workplace safety program is good for business. As specialists in safety training, STC understands just how important it is to develop a workplace safety program. Here are a few ways your business will benefit from such a program:

Benefits of a Workplace Safety Program

Why do you want to put a workplace safety program in place? In general, safety programs enhance your employees’ well-being, which in turn, affects their productivity and ultimately your bottom line. These programs are geared to prevent injuries, illnesses, and even deaths on the job, as well as stopping financial hardships and suffering often experienced by workers and their families, as well as the company.

Take a Proactive Approach to Safety

When developing a workplace safety program, you want to take a proactive approach that establishes preventative safety measures. Agencies like OSHA recommend such an approach and also suggest you start with small steps to improve safety in your workplace. If you work with STC and our safety training & consulting team, you’ll have no trouble getting your program off the ground. Our talented team offers an extensive range of managed safety services to help you achieve all your safety goals.

Some Basic Goals of Safety Programs

Preventing illnesses and injuries is essential when it comes to developing a proactive safety program. STC goes beyond health and safety training in preventing illness. We can provide your workplace with onsite staffing, including CNAs that provide testing for such illnesses as Covid-19 and serve as resources for preventing the virus’ spread.

Safety compliance also plays a big role in preventative safety measures. From offering courses on the latest regulations from OSHA and other agencies to providing basic safety training in areas such as ladder safety, our team can help improve your workplace in almost every facet. Contact us to learn more about our safety consulting services or check out our blog.

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If you’re looking to learn everything you can about the construction industry and related industries, you’ll want to attend the 2022 Dallas Build Expo. Just what is the 2022 Dallas Build Expo? It’s one of the top trade shows in the nation for construction contractors and our team at STC is excited to help you gear up for the event here:

What You Need to Know About the 2022 Dallas Build Expo

Slated for March 16-17 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, the 2022 Dallas Build Expo features an extensive list of exhibitors as well as valuable classes on everything from Selling in the Covid Era to better marketing techniques to concrete imaging radar. You can still register for the event here:

Attend a Class Directed by STC

Our very own Daniel James will be leading a class at the Build Expo on cultivating a strong safety culture in your workplace. From 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 16, Daniel will leverage his 21 years of industry experience to walk through the importance of safety culture. Join us while we talk about our biggest passion, preserving human life in the workplace!

Extensive Networking Opportunities

By attending the Build Expo, you’ll get to network with thousands of construction industry leaders and gain connections and insights to further improve the success of your business. Along with unrivaled networking opportunities, you’ll find exhibits fitting almost every niche in the industry. You’ll be able to learn more about everything from the latest in construction technology to tools, trucks, and safety equipment to waste management and window treatment.

Visit With STC

Safety is always a major concern in the construction industry, and promoting safety in the workplace is what Safety Training & Compliance is all about. Promoting a safe workplace is why we attend the Build Expo. You can visit with the STC team to learn more about our managed safety services and safety training and how we can benefit your company.

We offer an extensive range of training programs and courses from updating you on how to stay compliant with OSHA regulations and guidelines to preventing falls in the workplace. To find out more about us, you can speak with a safety consultant at the Build Expo, contact us anytime, or follow our blog here.

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At STC, we work hard to provide an unmatched managed safety services experience that goes above and beyond the services you can find anywhere else. We pride ourselves in providing a unique experience that makes building a safety culture in your workplace the highest priority. Here’s everything you need to know about all of the ways in which STC stands out from the crowd:

Our Method of Improving Culture

When you choose STC, safety training is only a small fraction of the safety and business benefits. We dig deep to understand every detail of your operation so that we can work to improve the way your team communicates essential safety information. We work with you to improve the safety culture of your organization. Research shows that culture building in the workplace can create a motivated community of employees that work well together. 

A Hands-On Approach to Safety

When you work with STC, our team works hard to get into the flow of your operations to understand where safety improvements can make a difference. We believe that satisfying OSHA requirements is only one part of the job, and doing everything you can to improve safety is what’s most important. We work hands-on with your team to improve safety drastically. 

Making Long-Lasting Partnerships

To us, our clients are more than just businesses that utilize our services. They are mutually beneficial partners in our goal of improving the safety of businesses around the nation. We value clients who take safety seriously, and who will work with us to create partnerships that stand the test of time. We believe that our success depends on the success of our clients. 

No matter how you choose to cultivate a strong safety culture in your workplace, STC is here to help your organization grow through a large number of services. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help prepare your employees for every situation. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!

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From the power grid to businesses to families, last year’s winter storm in North Texas caught almost everyone off guard. With the possibility of a similar winter storm in North Texas predicted to push through this year, STC wants to help you prepare for the ice and snow, so your business and family will stay warm and safe. Here’s what you need to know about winter storm preparation.

Plan for a Winter Storm in North Texas

Whether at work or home, prepare beforehand if a winter storm is predicted. No matter where you happen to be, if your power goes out, you’ll want to make sure you have flashlights with extra batteries, as well as a safe emergency source of heat such as generators. If you’re using a heat source in your home like a fireplace, make sure it’s safe to use—inspect your chimney, for instance, to ensure it is clear of debris and not damaged. A battery-powered NOAA weather radio or regular A.M/F.M. radio is useful for information, and make sure you have plenty of water and dry foods on hand like nuts, cereals, or power bars.

Stay Safe While Driving

Because ice and snow in Texas tend to be rare, drivers aren’t as well prepared for slick roadways as those in states that regularly experience winter storms. If you’re driving to or from your workplace, before you head out, you want to check your battery and tire pressure and make sure your tire treads are at least 2/32 of an inch thick. When on the road avoid spinning out on black ice by driving slower than usual.

Dress Appropriately

When preparing for a winter storm, bundling up is essential. For those working outside, wearing thermal clothing and thick jackets will keep the freezing temps away. You also want to dress in layers so you can adjust to varying temperatures whether inside or outside.

When it comes to preparing for a winter storm in North Texas, STC is always ready to help. If you need help at your business preparing for a winter storm, we offer a wide range of managed safety services to get you through the cold. Contact us to learn more about our safety training and compliance service or check out our blog.   

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A new year is more than just an update to your calendar. In today’s workplaces, a lot of changes have occurred in the past year. Many employees are heading back to offices or other job sites with safety concerns, and now is a good time to update your safety plans, if they haven’t been updated already. Here’s everything you need to know about updating your safety plans for the new year with STC:

Planning Around the Pandemic

Of course, with the pandemic still looming, how to manage safety when it comes to COVID-19 should be at the forefront of any changes in safety plans. With the new guidance from OSHA on preventing the spread of COVID-19, it’s time to update those safety plans. With the help of STC’s safety consultants, making safety updates is much easier.

OnSite Medical Staffing

We can help you develop policies and plans to prevent the spread of the virus as more employees return to the workplace. Should you, for instance, require employees to be vaccinated or submit to regular testing, as OSHA recommends? We can outline all the best practices for your organization regarding distancing, facemasks, and vaccinations. Moreover, we can provide testing with an experienced team of onsite medical staff.

Keeping Up with Regulations

While COVID-19 is a major concern when it comes to workplace safety, the consultants at STC also know the ins and outs of new safety regulations from major agencies like OSHA, MSHA, ISO, and ANSI, and can show you how to implement these regulations as you update your safety plan. We offer instructor-led training courses to aid you with compliance issues and to refresh your employees’ safety knowledge in thousands of areas such as fleet safety, excavation, and ergonomics.

No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re ready to update your safety plan this year, you can always rely on STC and our extensive network of safety experts to ensure your workplace is the safest around. Our goal is to protect human life in all that we do. Reach out to us at any time. We’re always happy to help! Want to learn more about keeping your workplace safe? Check out our blog today!

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The results are in, and we are so proud to announce that our very own Alan Hurtado has been awarded the Rising Star of Safety Award by the National Safety Council! This is a prestigious award that we are excited to include in our achievements in safety, both with our clients and with our peers. Here’s everything you need to know about the Rising Stars of Safety Award:

The Rising Star of Safety Award

The Rising Star of Safety Award is a prestigious honor awarded to those that are most dedicated to safety in the workplace. Each year, the National Safety Council chooses a group of young individuals under 40 who have made great strides in safety to receive the award. This year, our very own Alan Hurtado was included in the exclusive list of only 38 Rising Stars of Safety.

About Alan Hurtado

Alan Hurtado has worked hard to rise through the ranks of our organization due to his dedication to helping as many people as possible. He has always been eager to learn the best ways to help our clients and has always shown a natural leadership ability that sets him apart from others. Through his work, he is responsible for organizing, scheduling and executing our 1,500-plus inspections and 400-plus trainings, which impact more than 20,000 lives annually.

Celebrating This Wonderful Achievement

Alan was nominated to receive this award by promoting a cycle of continuous improvement within our organization and creating initiatives focused on measurable outcomes in safety. This is a wonderful honor awarded by one of the most trusted names in our industry, the National Safety Council. We could not be more proud of the work that got Alan to where he is today.

Each member of our team carries a similar mindset to Alan, that when we put our minds to something as important as safety, we do it right at every single step. Our managed safety services, onsite cna services and safety consulting services are designed to make safety simple. Want to learn more about STC? Check out our blog today!

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At STC, we are dedicated to keeping you and your employees safe in every situation. The Farmers Almanac predicts that the south is in for another tough winter, with high possibilities for sleet and snow, similar to the winter storm in Texas this February. Here are all of the winter safety tips that you will need to know to keep your employees safe from the cold this winter:

Drive Safely in the Snow

As most of the south shuts down amid a rough winter storm, some people do not have that luxury. If you, or your employees, will be required to drive during snow or ice, it is crucial that you prepare yourself and your vehicle. Follow these tips to stay safe while driving in the winter:

  1. Check your battery. Battery power can drop as temperatures drop.
  2. Check the tread on your tires to ensure at least 2/32 of an inch.
  3. Drive slower, as black ice is hard to see and can cause your car to spin out.
  4. Check the tire pressure. Tire pressure can drop as the temperature drops.

Do Your Best to Stay Warm

Many workers will still be required to work outside as temperatures drop, sometimes even as they get below freezing. It is crucial that every employee bundles up to protect themselves from the freezing temperatures, preferably with thermal clothing and thick jackets. Cold-related illnesses are far more common than most people think, even in warmer areas like the south.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide can pose a serious threat to human life that is virtually undetectable without the right equipment. Each year, carbon monoxide poisonings result in more than 400 people deaths and 50,000 illnesses. This poison is produced by burning fuel in vehicles, small engines, stoves, lanterns, grills, fireplaces, gas ranges, portable generators or furnaces. It is crucial that every workplace is equipped with well-maintained carbon monoxide detectors to prevent these illnesses and fatalities.

No matter how you choose to teach your employees winter safety tips, STC is always here to help you make it simple. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, instructor-led training and safety consulting services that will help build a safety culture around your business. Want to learn more seasonal weather safety tips from the experts at STC? Check out our blog today!

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As children and teenagers all across the nation start going back to school, it’s important to remember that practicing transportation safety can potentially save their lives. More people are starting to travel on similar schedules, creating traffic and other transportation problems that can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. Here’s everything you need to know about transportation safety in time for back to school from the experts at STC

Why Transportation Safety is So Important 

Even with massively reduced traffic due to the pandemic, there were still 400 vehicle crashes in school zones in the state of Texas in 2020. Those accidents resulted in 11 serious injuries and a large number of minor injuries. In 2019, there were 765 vehicle crashes in school zones in Texas, resulting in one death and 15 serious injuries. This is why transportation safety is so important. 

Our Favorite Driving Safety Tips 

As with any other time of the year, it’s important to always understand your surroundings when operating a motor vehicle. During the school year, there is an increase in traffic before and after school, with a large increase in the number of busses transporting students to and from school. It is crucial for drivers to stay vigilant of their surroundings by understanding how school zones may have deviated from years prior, and always understanding where children may be crossing the streets. 

More Back to School Safety Tips 

No matter the situation, a phone call or text message is never more important than the lives of those around you. Put your phone away, or on do not disturb, when operating a motor vehicle to ensure that you are not tempted to look away from the road for even a second, especially in school zones. Since bus stops or parent pick-up lines are usually located next to main roads, it is crucial to keep an eye out for any children that may dart across the road unexpectedly. 

No matter how you choose to remain vigilant of transportation safety for back to school, STC is always here to help keep you informed. We host a wide variety of safety-based content on our website that is designed to keep people safe on the job, at home and on the road. Want to learn more about transportation safety from the experts at STC? Check out our blog today!

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