Why do we do what we do? Why do we repeat our mistakes and others’ mistakes despite knowing the consequences? Why do we have regrets for past decisions when we can make a better decision that keeps us safe or improves our future?

That’s what we asked when we started breaking down incidents for our clients.

Was the ladder too short or was the worker preoccupied with his work to get a taller ladder? Did the supervisor send the worker off without the right equipment? Was there a plan to do the job at all? Did the worker know or ask for the right equipment and never receive it? Or is there a systemic organizational issue that impedes safety progress?

Let’s face it, we have all made bad decisions, but wouldn’t it be great to understand the decisions individual employees make along with how company structures may suppress the freedom of workers to be bold, plan, take ownership and ask for what they need?

Envision coupling your regular safety compliance based training with a more in depth, pure, human relatable style training that impacts lives at work and at families at home.

It’s possible by tapping into STC’s (Safety Training and Compliance) Decision Making Training Curriculum which can unravel the mystery of “bad” decisions that we make that lead to injuries at levels within an organization.

Decision making 101 is complimented by a variety of supplementary courses such as Cognitive Dissonance Training, Fundamentals of Safety Leadership, Performance Improvement and Safety Leadership just to name a few. These courses will unravel the mystery of your employees thoughts and take your safety program to the next level by making it personal.

Daniel James, STC Senior Consultant