In a time where COVID-19 is dominating your personal and professional conversations, and your company is operating in an environment of considerable uncertainty, STC is here to assist you in actively implementing an appropriate response to the situation.

Whether your company has already been affected by COVID-19 or you are proactively addressing its potential impact, STC is drawing from decades of experience, across a vast field of industries and helping our clients navigate through your most urgent and challenging situations. Currently, it is imperative that we protect the personal health and safety of your employees, their families, and you. While joining the community in taking sensible steps to slowing the spread of the virus, we are confident you’ll be doing the right thing.

Once these critical efforts have been made, and we have established safeguards for protecting your family and your people, STC would like to direct your attention to the health and safety of your business. STC exists to protect individuals of course, but also your business. We help manage your company’s risks through unforeseen and complex challenges.

Though the COVID-19 threat is unprecedented and there is no existing blueprint for combating it, our expertise and experiences can assist in deploying a few battle-tested tactics that have been developed over decades of helping clients overcome challenges on their way towards safety excellence.

At a high-level, we recommend the following action plans:

  1. “Call It As It Is” – Recognize this situation as a crisis. Communicate that leadership is doing whatever it takes to mitigate potential negative impacts. CONSTANT COMMUNICATION and TRANSPARENCY is a KEY to keeping a business calm and informed.
  2. No time for confusion – Create “Emergency Response Team” to make decisions and coordinate communications.
  3. Develop a Financial Strategy – short-term financial health is priority.
  4. “Plan for the worst and hope for the best” – Identify changes that can be implemented should the magnitude and/or duration of crisis persist beyond what is expected.
  5. Strategically work with partners in your network – We are all facing the same issues and oftentimes the solutions to resiliency can be found in partnerships. Collaborate with your network for ideas, solutions, and guidance.

STC can guarantee two things from our experiences with crises:

  1. All crises are different.
  2. All crises come to an end.
How they come to an end depends on the quality of your action towards crisis management.
As your Risk Management consultants, we feel it is imperative that STC is involved as much as possible, and that you allow us to participate in the right discussions, with the right people, regarding your “Emergency Operations Planning”. We are honored to be a strategic partner you can trust, and we are here to help in any way we can.

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