A Nationwide Network

STC gives your company access to a nationwide network of qualified safety professionals for any project size or duration. Our safety professionals have provided safety staffing services for companies across a wide variety of industries.

The team at STC has experience in many project environments including high-profile new construction, manufacturing shutdowns, renovations, outages, demolitions, owner or contractor controlled insurance programs (OCIPs and CCIPs), and insurance captives.

Less Is More

STC can staff your projects and eliminate the need and risk of recruiting, hiring, and training employees for your project.

Our safety staffing is a turn-key solution. STC handles all payroll, taxes, and benefits and the necessary tools and equipment for the safety professionals staffed on your projects while eliminating the burden of additional overhead and recruiting costs.

Access to Top-Quality Safety Professionals

Our on-site safety staffing service provides just-in-time safety resources to our clients across all industries. STC works hard to align the exact skillset needed at competitive pricing. Whether your need is short or long-term, you need to augment your existing team, place a standalone professional or you need to satisfy a project owner or general contract safety personnel requirement, STC is here to help.

Project Experience

• High Profile New Construction, Renovations & Demolition
• Manufacturing & Production Facilities
• EM385 Regulated Sites
• University Specifications for Project Safety Professionals
• Controlled Insurance Programs (CIP’s) & many more.

Making The Difference

• Vast network of trusted nationwide industry safety professional across all industries
• STC takes care of the recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, total compensation, general equipment etc.
• Excellent client support from start to finish.

What Clients are Saying

“STC’s passion, systematic approach, strategy, knowledge, and flexibility to meet us where we are has been incredible.” — Michael P. Taylor, EVP Operations Support, Viziv Technologies

Ready to enhance your Safety Program?