STC provides onsite safety professionals for your project to serve your company’s ongoing safety initiatives. STC has breadth and depth of safety expertise to assist with your staffing needs. We recruit and hire these safety professionals so you don’t have to.

Learn more about each of our safety consulting services:

  • Directional/Auditing

    • Safety and Health Program Audits – greater transparency of action than a general inspection.
    • Employee Engagement Surveys – if you don’t know what your employees are thinking, you may be missing key opportunities to support them.
    • Trainings Audits/Roadmaps
    • Insurance Risk Assessments – EMR ratings are a focus for STC where we can provide guidance on best practices to reduce your number.
    • OSHA Field Audits – have greater insight into what OSHA truly looks for and how to eliminate the concern once and for all.
  • Policy & Procedure Development

    • Develop OSHA compliant and most up to date policy requirements
    • Build policies and procedures that match the client’s industry risks and needs
    • The development of all programs and policies to follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act process
    • Integrate industry known best practices
    • STC helps clients manage policies and programs to create a living internal documents
  • Professional Partnerships

    • Insurance Brokership/Underwriter – let us develop what you can provide to your clients.
    • Medical Clinic Relationships
    • Trade Organization Partnerships
  • Safety Software

    • Real time delivery of inspections and accident investigations
    • Leading and Lagging indicator tracking capabilities
    • Reader friendly reports from graphs and trends
    • Ability to track training records and future training needs
    • OSHA compliant record keeping integrated into our internal safety management system
  • ISO 45001 Lead Auditing

    • ISO 45001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, and gives guidance for its use.
    • A proactive approach to improving your organization’s health and safety performance.
    • Review your organization’s compliance with the ISO 45001 standard through an in depth audit.
    • Help your organization implement these improvements into how your company operates on a daily basis.
    • Once the audit is complete, STC will present a report and provide recommendations that can be worked on, to improve your company’s level of health and safety management.

Safety Consulting Services Tailored to Your Project Needs

Looking for a safety expert or safety team to tackle one-off or a series of medium to large- sized projects? Whether its compliance, conformance or cutting-edge training related, our team of diverse skillsets can be your team and align with or create the project plan.

Project Experience

• Custom and Regulatory Training Development and Delivery

• Evaluation and Implementation of Safety Systems (i.e. Safety Management Systems, Learning Management Systems etc.)

• Policy, Program and Procedure Development / Site Specific Safety Plans Loss Control/Risk Assessments and or Audits

• Regulatory Agency Support/Representation (OSHA/DOT/MSHA)

Next Level Safety

• STC’s collective knowledge is a key component of our success. Clients benefit from a team of safety experts and years of diverse project experience.

• Let us bring industry benchmarking and relatable cases from lessons learned to build and or support the project.

What Clients are Saying

“STC is the perfect partner for businesses in the construction industry looking to improve their safety and health culture and reduce overall risk.”

— Jeff Thomas, President,
Lasco Acoustics and Drywall, Inc

Ready to enhance your Safety Program?