The Top 5 Preventable Hazardous Workplace Situations from STC

At STC, we believe that every dangerous situation in the workplace can be prevented through training, information and observation. Even the top five most occurring hazardous workplace situations are all easily preventable with the right training. Here is everything you need to know about preventing the top five hazardous workplace situations from the safety experts at STC:

Falls from Working at Heights


At the top of the hazardous workplace situations list sits the number one cause for workplace injuries, falls from working at heights. These kinds of fatalities and injuries are highly preventable. If your employees need to work at heights, it is crucial that they receive training that teaches them to observe their surroundings and find the right safety measures. 

Workplace Violence


At 13% of all non-roadway hazardous workplace situations, workplace violence is certainly something to be aware of on the job. Workplace violence situations can happen at any workplace, for a wide variety of reasons. It is important to understand the signs of workplace violence to teach your team so that they are able to prevent these situations beforehand. 

Repair and Maintenance


Repair and maintenance injuries are also a concern on the job site. They can range from electrocutions to burns and crushings. There are always a wide number of concerns when working with dangerous machines, electricity or welding equipment. To prevent these injuries, only let qualified team members or professionals make any serious repairs on equipment. 

Construction and Installation


As with most jobs in construction, there are a great number of dangerous situations that can cause fatalities and injuries. When your team is working on a construction or installation project, that’s when they need to rely on their safety training to ensure that they are not harmed. We suggest regular training to ensure that your entire team understands what it takes to stay safe. 

Hazardous Workplace Situations from Logging Equipment


The logging industry is notoriously dangerous, but like all workplace fatalities and injuries, there are steps to preventing these dangerous situations. Data indicates that 59% of all logging-related injuries occurred when workers were struck by falling objects or were caught in between objects. It is crucial for workers to examine their surroundings at all times. 


No matter how you choose to keep your employees safe, STC is here to help you make safety simple. We are dedicated to providing Managed Safety Services, Safety Consulting Services and Instructor-Led Training to keep all of your employees safe on the job. Want to learn more about the importance of creating a strong safety culture? Check out our blog today!