How to Stay Prepared for Hurricane Season Along the Coast

At STC, we are dedicated to helping our clients stay prepared, no matter the situation. For residents of Southern Texas, Florida and Georgia, you are already aware that hurricane season is approaching quickly. Not only can a single hurricane rearrange your personal life for weeks, but it can also cause some unexpected delays in projects at work. Here’s everything you need to know to stay prepared for the upcoming hurricane season with the experts at STC:

Wet Season on Jobsites

Hurricane season and wet season go hand-in-hand on job sites along the coast. Unexpected water on job sites can cause a ton of problems related to safety and equipment handling. Whether the water is from a hurricane or another storm, it’s essential to clear out any water before beginning work on a particular site, so no one gets hurt in the process.

Hurricane Season on the Job

In many southern states, hurricane season is almost guaranteed to bring some heavy winds, rain and flooding. Have you done all that you can to keep yourself, your family and your job site as safe as possible this hurricane season? Cities will employ the use of fluid-transfer pumps during the wet season, but it’s possible many job sites along the coast may need them as well.

How to Prepare for Hurricanes

Luckily, when a hurricane is approaching a specific area, they have been tracked, monitored and reported for at least 24 hours before it hits land. This gives residents of southern states plenty of time to take action. For businesses and houses alike, it’s essential to board up any and all windows in an effort to minimize damage. Some businesses may employ the use of fluid-transfer pumps to move floodwaters, while others move equipment and merchandise to a higher level. Either way, it’s crucial that you take precautions before a hurricane hits land.

No matter how you choose to prepare your home and business for hurricane season, STC is here to help guide you through every step. We offer a wide variety of managed safety services, from onsite safety staffing to safety consulting to help keep you prepared for any situation. Want to learn more about keeping your employees safe during hurricane season? Check out our blog!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1062305448