At the end of fiscal year 2017, OSHA released its annual Top 10 list of most frequently cited violations. Many of the violations remain the same from previous years with one new entry emerging – Fall Protection Training Requirements. The monetary penalties associated with these violations ranged from thousands to millions of dollars and affect a wide range of different industries. Read below to learn more about each of these 10 infractions.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations

1. Fall Protection – General Requirements

  • Employees need protection 6 feet or above lower levels.

2. Hazard Communication

  • Employers must have a written hazard communication plan.

3. Scaffolding

  • Employees need protection on scaffolds 10 feet above lower levels.

4. Respiratory Protection

  • Employers must provide medical evaluations to determine employees’ ability to use respirators before use.

5. Lockout / Tagout

  • Procedures must be developed, documented and utilized for the control of potentially hazardous energy.

6. Ladders

  • Ladders shall be used only for the purpose for which they were designed.

7. Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Employers must ensure that truck operators are competent to operate powered industrial vehicles safely.

8. Machine Guarding

  • Machine guarding must be provided to protect operators and employees from rotating parts, flying chips and sparks.

9. Fall Protection – General Requirements

  • Employers must provide a training program for each employee who may be exposed to fall hazards.

10. Electrical – Wiring Methods

  • Flexible cords may be used only in continuous lengths without splices or taps.


OSHA Top 10 Violations Link

At STC, we are focused on preserving the word’s most precious resource – human life. In order to do that, we understand employers’ need for developing policies, programs and procedures to alleviate safety risks and pain points.

As your company prepares for 2018, please reach out to us by responding to this email to learn more about how we can assist your organization in implementing a Safety Management System that proactively addresses all hazards within your working environment to keep your people safe and prevent OSHA violations that incur direct and indirect costs against your business.

Heading into 2018, this is a time for reflection, evaluation and strategic planning. As each department within your organization prepares for the new year, it’s critical for systems to be put in place to ensure success.

The health and safety of employees is the foundational element for any business. While many companies put in place standard safety programs in order to be compliant, few organizations build and sustain quality Safety Management Systems that are strategic and continually improve the overall working environment. Here are some of the main differences between the two:

Standard Safety Programs

    • Focus on compliance
    • Concentrate on isolated incidents
    • Reactive in nature
    • Execute redundant activities
    • Lack employee involvement and accountability
    • Fail to improve over time


Safety Management Systems

  • Focus on performance
  • Standardize processes
  • Proactive in nature
  • Bring employees together
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Promote accountability
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Continually improve with time

At STC, we are focused on preserving the word’s most precious resource – human life. In order to do that, we understand the importance of building and sustaining Safety Management Systems that produce tangible results over time.

As your company prepares for 2018, please reach out to us by responding to this email to learn more about the implementation of a Safety Management System in your organization.

STC recently spoke at the Reducing Risks & Liabilities Symposium in Dallas about cultivating a strong safety culture through leadership. Here are the main take-aways from our presentation:

WHY, What, and How…

In order for there to be true buy-in to the program, employees must first understand the WHY (i.e. the purpose of safety & health). Internalizing the WHY will encourage employees to know the safety standards (the what) and follow them the right way (the how).

In order to build an effective safety culture, there must be leadership vision & alignment, employee involvement, and a system/framework in place to sustain the safety program.

The attributes of a strong safety culture include accountability, consistency, collaboration, and continual improvement over time.

If you are interested in STC giving this presentation to your leaders and supervisors in your organization, please reach out by simply calling our office at 972-347-3377.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the symposium this week. We appreciate your time and hope the event was worthwhile for you and your team!

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Safety Solutions TX

STC will be speaking at an upcoming risks & liabilities symposium and would like to invite you to attend for a morning or (repeat) afternoon session on reducing risks associated with various safety and security concerns. Given these current “hot topic” subject matters, please review the details below for more information regarding this event.

Suggested Attendees: C-Suite Executives, HR Managers, Risk Management Officers, IT Staff, General Counsels, and Safety/Security Directors

Presentation Topics include the following:

Safety & Health Leadership (given by STC)
Inside/Outside Cyber Threats (given by Securonix)
Security & Social Engineering (given by DefenseByDesign)
Effects of ID Theft in the Workplace (given by LegalShield)

When: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
Morning session (8am-12pm)
Afternoon session (1pm-5pm)

Where: University of Phoenix – Dallas Campus
12400 Coit Road, Dallas, TX 75251

Purpose: To proactively address, prepare and increase awareness of changing risks & liabilities in the workforce

The four presenters are top-notch, and their topics highly relevant to the workplace, as well as employers across numerous industries. Please feel free to pass along this event information to any organization or individual who you feel would benefit from attending this symposium.

To register yourself or your selected staff, simply click on the link below to sign up. STC looks forward to seeing you there!

Risks and Liabilities Registration Link

This past weekend, members of the STC Team headed down to Houston to provide relief efforts from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. STC was humbled to be part of the experience and wants to give thanks to a few of our clients who generously provided needed materials to assist in our efforts.

Specifically, STC would like to thank Lasco Acoustics & Drywall, Prime Construction, AEC, and Drywall Interiors for providing kevlar sleeves, wheelbarrows, gloves, shovels, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) needed in order to provide assistance in a safe manner.

STC feels extremely fortunate to have been able to provide aid to many families and organizations in Houston and further realize the dire need that the city and South Texas region has and will continue to have moving forward.

Please click the link below to learn more about practical ways that you and your company can take to be part of the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

Lastly, please feel free to give us a call at 972-347-3377 if you are in need of ideas on how to provide assistance in a safe group setting.

STC’s thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the other natural disasters that have recently taken place.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Link


Hurricane Harvey Relief


Safety-Solutions-TexasLast week, STC conducted a comprehensive safety fair for Drywall Interiors in Irving, TX.

Over 200 employees attended the day-long event in which workers were trained on fall protection, scaffolding, silica, and waterproofing safety.

Additionally, different vendors were on-site to showcase their equipment and the proper use and safety measures to be considered while executing work on projects.

The safety day provided an opportunity for all employees to come together, learn, and discuss their safety concerns on different sites. It also gave company leaders an opportunity to reinforce the importance of job-site safety and the value that each worker’s safety brings to the organization. Overall, it was an awesome event for everyone involved, and STC was proud to be a part of it.

If your company is in need of assistance when it comes to safety training or providing a platform to communicate the importance of safety to all of your employees, simply reply back to this email for help. STC strives to help build and sustain quality safety cultures that improve morale, reputation, and overall productivity in the working environment.
Business Safety Solutions Texas
New Employee Safety Orientation
When a new employee enters an organization, there is an opportunity to set a professional and caring tone for their new working environment. While many companies quickly shuffle their new hires through a condensed orientation process, it is imperative to take the time to properly train workers and effectively communicate safety policies and procedures.
While all companies are busy, it should be understood that people are the priority. New hire safety orientations are worth the time investment to show employees that they are valued and that there is a plan in place to protect them and mitigate the high costs of injuries and incidents that stem from a lack of familiarity or knowledge.
If your business is lacking an organized and effective new hire safety orientation process, STC can assist your company in developing a program that ensures new workers are fully aware and responsive to the organization’s safety standards. Click on the link below to read more about the importance of properly training new employees.
New Employee Safety Orientation
STC’s Upcoming OSHA 30 Hour Course
STC will be offering an English-speaking OSHA 30 Hour class in the upcoming weeks. Please review the following details:
Thursday/Friday, September 28th and 29th
Thursday/Friday, October 5th and 6th
Cascades Conference Center (Fairfield Inn & Courtyard)
Time: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm each of the 4 days
Cost: $250/student
*Students must attend all 4 days to receive OSHA 30 Hour card*
If your company has employees that need to be registered, please contact STC’s Business Development Manager, Ryan Brence, at phone number 469-500-2502, or simply reply back to this email for more information. Limited spots available, so call now!!
Safety Orientation Texas


Crystalline Silica Standards Set

In an effort to decrease the chances of lung cancer, kidney disease, or other potential ailments, OSHA has issued the final rule for crystalline silica exposure in the workplace. Key provisions to the rule will be enforced beginning on September 23, 2017 for the construction industry.

STC is prepared when it comes to handling the details of a written silica exposure plan and have already helped many clients develop a policy that is tailored to their operations.

If you are in need of assistance when it comes to drafting your own policy before the deadline, simply reply back to this email for help. Click on the link below to read the full requirements of the silica standard on OSHA’s website.

OSHA-Silica-Standards Safety STC Dallas

OSHA Silica Standards Link

OSHA Electronic Reporting Rule

OSHA now requires that companies with over 20 employees submit their injury & illness logs online through a webform, CSV file, or application programming interface (API).
Organizations are to be in compliance with this new reporting requirement by December 1, 2017.
STC can help your company manage its OSHA logs and submit the correct information through this new online platform. Simply reply back to this email for assistance. Click on the link below for more information on OSHA’s online reporting rule.


2017 ASA Annual Clay Shoot
The STC Team had a great time participating in and sponsoring a shooting station at the annual American Subcontractors Association (ASA) clay shoot on Friday, August 25th in Fort Worth, TX. It was great to see many of our partners and good friends at our shooting station. ASA put on a fun and safe event for all involved, and we were proud to be a part of it!