STC recently spoke at the Reducing Risks & Liabilities Symposium in Dallas about cultivating a strong safety culture through leadership. Here are the main take-aways from our presentation:

WHY, What, and How…

In order for there to be true buy-in to the program, employees must first understand the WHY (i.e. the purpose of safety & health). Internalizing the WHY will encourage employees to know the safety standards (the what) and follow them the right way (the how).

In order to build an effective safety culture, there must be leadership vision & alignment, employee involvement, and a system/framework in place to sustain the safety program.

The attributes of a strong safety culture include accountability, consistency, collaboration, and continual improvement over time.

If you are interested in STC giving this presentation to your leaders and supervisors in your organization, please reach out by simply calling our office at 972-347-3377.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the symposium this week. We appreciate your time and hope the event was worthwhile for you and your team!

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